So who is Joel Harris I hear you ask? Well, first of all, it’s me. But beneath the surface of this delightful mug is a dude that spends his free time drinking coffee, surfing, and doodling.
So, your next pressing question must be “What is Joel Harris Design?”. In a nutshell; it’s me, again, on a business level. I take my need to drink coffee and create and use it to schedule business meetings…over coffee.


My passion for graphic design began at a young age. My father ran his own print business, so going to work with him meant hanging out with designers all day. Seeing them listen to music, drink coffee and create amazing designs on a screen peaked my interest in graphic design. However, at the tender age of 10, my father wasn’t that keen on robots with guns for arms being drawn for his clients and such I was appointed “Chief Stamp Licker” of the marketing department.  


I quickly decided I wanted a promotion from that role (no-one has that much saliva to fulfil the contractual needs). My desire to not lick stamps anymore, and my interest in art and design in high school led me to pursue a more sustainable career path. In my senior years of schooling I undertook an apprenticeship at a local print company and started studying offset printing at South Bank Tafe, which lead to enrolling in a Bachelor of Design at USC. After 4 long years I obtained that precious bit of paper that said I was ready to be released upon the world as a fully qualified designer.

Eager to unleash my talents onto anyone I could, I decided to start freelancing out of Co-Working spaces. This lead to one of my first major projects; establishing Duke Douglas Co-Working with a few other like minded individuals. While we have all moved onward and upward, Duke Douglas remains a thriving co-working space to this day….Last I heard they have a shrine dedicated to me as you walk in the door. But seriously, co-working really opened doors for me in the freelance world. I have established myself as a sought after name for many start-up and entrepreneurial businesses on the Sunshine Coast. When a client comes to me with an idea that makes their eyes light up with excitement, that is what I’m here for; turning dreams and visions into reality that they can see, touch and feel. Working with such people really allows for me to build and grow my business relationships; most of my clients turn into friends. And when you get to know someone on, not only a business, but also a personal level, it allows a deep understanding of what that client wants. Knowing that client inside and out allows for me to create kick ass outcomes and retain their business for years to come.


So that’s my story. If you want me to help you tell yours, holla at me. We’ll have a coffee (on you) and we’ll bring your design concepts to life.